A Series Full Automatic Probe Station

A8│A12 Full Automatic Probe

  • Super high test precision and test speed, greatly improve productivity benefits.
  • Fully automated system running, fast safe and reliable test.
  • Support single point testing and continuous testing.
  • Integrated control system, fast access to instrument testing.
  • CHUCK efficient test system, running speed exceeding 300mm/s.
  • Rich software automation test, precise mechanical precision calibration.
  • Automatic wafer thickness measurement and ID reading card can be upgraded.
  • Leading internal anti - shock system device, more stable operation.

X Series Semi-Automatic Probe Station

X6│X8 │X12 Semi-Automatic Probe Station

The industry's most efficient CHUCK system, test efficiency increased by more than 40%

  • The industry's most efficient CHUCK test system running speed & GT;70mm/s, motion precision 1 m, while moving the translocation time index time 500ms, excellent system operating parameters have reached the highest level of the industry, ultra-high test accuracy and efficiency to meet all kinds of wafers and devices of high repeatability and stability test, compared with other probe brands in the industry, the test efficiency is effectively increased by more than 40%.
  • -60 ~300 is the highest temperature wide area in the industry, with temperature control accuracy and stability better than 0.08, providing reliability wafer testing in high and low temperature environments.
  • The compact structure design of four-dimensional motion with low center of gravity ensures the motion speed of 70mm/s while maintaining the stability of motion acceleration and deceleration.

High And Low Temperature Vacuum Probe Station

CG-O-2 | CG-O-4 | CG-C-2

Chip test LD/LED/PD test Optical fiber spectral characteristics Test MATERIAL/device IV/CV characteristics Test Hall test electromagnetic transport characteristics high frequency characteristics test, etc.

  • Capable of conducting high and low temperature tests in a vacuum environment (4.2K~450K)
  • High-frequency characteristics of the device (supports frequencies up to 67GHz)
  • Upgradeable for magnetic field application
  • Supports testing of fiber optic spectral characteristics
  • Radiation shield design ensures better uniformity of sample temperature
  • Compatible with high magnification metallographic microscopes, with fine-tunable movement
  • Probe heat sink design
  • Automatic flow control

H Series Integrated Manual Probe Station

H6 │ H8 │H12 Integrated Manual Probe Station 

It is suitable for scientific research and analysis of nano micro devices, spot check and detection, etc., to quickly analyze and test the circuit of the chip on the wafer and judge the product performance by the electrical parameters, and then reduce the loss of the chip defects to the product, so as to improve the yield and carry the rf characteristic test and upgrade and carry the optical fiber spectrum characteristic test.

  • Chuck Air bearing move technology
  • Large handle differential head drive
  • Microscope air - controlled lifting control
  • Three - stage lifting needle base platform
  • Loadable laser




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